Have you ever looked forward to something and then suddenly it was taken away from you? Have you ever had a plan that you were so excited about that you could envision the feelings you would have , only to have to alter them at the very last second?

Two little seeds were flying in the wind looking for a place to take root. One little seed saw beautiful, beautiful pasture land and lovely flowers. This little seed looked to her companion and said "I am dropping down here.

Life can be like that raging river, ripping through the mountains, tearing up everything in its path, grinding down the limestone until it is smooth with deep furrows. Everyone is caught up with the the drama and the noise and the power

Many of us are getting ready for the much needed break from work and routine, that summer vacation - but how many of us really unplug and relax.

I received a seemingly beautiful bouquet of flowers, they smelled wonderful. Upon closer inspection I noticed that the main showpiece was not in very good shape, it was a little brown around the edges and definitely not fresh. I was so disappointed.

My dad was a blue collar worker. One of his favorite games was challenging me to complete a math problem on my calculator before he finished in his head. I never won.

It is such a pleasure to be around children who are unafraid of being different. Children who really like who they are and are encouraged to be their own unique, authentic selves.

Have you ever tried to convince someone dead set on a specific course of action to change direction? You could see the possible outcomes would not be positive.

Listening to the news this morning was so depressing. There is so much tragedy in the world, it is overwhelming. How do we deal with all that is going on and remain calm, energized and effective in our lives?

Do you ever feel that as long as you are there at the helm, everything will continue? Do you worry everything will wash away once you are gone?

Home renovations are not the fun adventure portrayed on those TV shows. I completely pulled apart my kitchen. It was actually pretty easy. My sister and her husband came over on a Saturday and we had everything out by 2 in the afternoon. Easy - peasy!

So something as simple as a pair of shoes has stolen away my weekend. I placed too much importance on something that only matters to me. I have my own perspective of perfect and that may not align with everyone and it may not even make a difference.

My granddaughter loves dogs, and now knows how to approach dogs with care and attention. Much is the same in leadership, we might have great intuition and anticipation but we don't know how to appropriately read the situation.

Have you ever been in a leadership position at an organization that you can't wait to leave. You feel you are ready for a new opportunity, you have so much more to offer. Then it happens, you get that new role.

Who in the world had the creativity to even think that you could set ice cream on fire? It probably did not come from a leader saying "We should set ice cream on fire and increase sales by 50%. Find somebody who can do that!"

There have been a series of events in our businesses that have caused us to take a really close look at what we are doing and why we are doing it. What is courage? And Am I courageous?

There are many conflicts in our everyday work life. These come at us for a variety of reasons, and not all of them are bad or unhealthy. Well managed conflict can stimulate creativity

The thing is we have complete control over whether we "feel" motivated or not. I can choose to sit here and get nothing done or I can choose to start working on that list.

Are you leading with passion and purpose - or do you show up because you have to? When is the last time you let yourself dream? What would it be like if only